From Likes To Tweets: Our Top Social Media Marketing Columns Of 2015

How do you keep up with the rapid-fire rise and fall of social media networks? Our expert contributors were on hand to deliver insights into that and more in 2015.

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Social media marketing is a fussy and ever-evolving beast. New platforms are continually arising, while others lose their luster and fade into obscurity.

In 2015, nowhere was that more evident than with Google+, which went from a “ghost town” to the announcement that the platform would be split, to a rebirth of sorts with a big redesign and a focus on Communities and Collections. What will the new Google+ mean for marketers, and should it even stay on our radar? Mark Traphagen’s piece provided some insight into this as well as some predictions on where it’s headed next.

Readers were also interested in understanding the key components that make up a successful social media marketing strategy. From increasing brand awareness to building social influence, readers were looking for ways to take their social media campaigns to the next level.

And of course, we can’t ignore the social media behemoths, Facebook and Twitter. When Facebook updated its News Feed algorithm earlier this year, marketers were left wondering if it would hurt their reach. Jordan Kretchmer’s piece addressed these concerns with some advice on how to switch up your Facebook strategy. Meanwhile, an exploration of Twitter Analytics also sparked interest among readers, along with an article that delved into the ins and outs of Twitter’s Promoted Video ads.

Following are the top 10 Social Media Marketing columns published on Marketing Land in 2015.

  1. What The Unofficial Death Of Google+ Means For Marketing by Travis Wright, published on 4/7/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 3124, Google+ 941, LinkedIn 1265
  2. Why Social Media Advertising Is Set To Explode In The Next 3 Years by Sonny Ganguly, published on 3/17/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 919, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 546
  3. Meet The New Twitter Analytics Tools (From Twitter!) by Larry Kim, published on 1/6/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 214, Google+ 113, LinkedIn 222
  4. YouTube Vs. Facebook Video: Two Titans Face Off by Nick Cicero, published on 3/30/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 325, Google+ 180, LinkedIn 434
  5. 5 Pinterest Strategies That Drive Big Traffic by Sonny Ganguly, published on 2/17/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 390, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 276
  6. 4 Components Of The Best Social Media Campaigns by Sonny Ganguly, published on 9/4/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 490, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 419
  7. The New Google Plus: Will Tighter Focus Lead To Success? by Mark Traphagen, published on 8/6/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 401, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 329
  8. A Complete Guide To Twitter Promoted Video Ads by Larry Kim, published on 2/12/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 148, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 104
  9. At The Mercy of Facebook’s Algorithm? Don’t Hate The Player, Change The Game by Jordan Kretchmer, published on 5/1/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 928, Google+ 68, LinkedIn 464
  10. What Is Blogger Outreach & How Do I Do It? by Tamar Weinberg, published on 4/14/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 250, Google+ 71, LinkedIn 301

Methodology: Columns published in 2015 are ranked in order of pageviews measured by Google Analytics. Data includes all columns published through November 30, 2015. Social data provided by SharedCount

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