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Marketing Operations

Marketing and culture: The key drivers of growth

Columnist Travis Wright summarizes a fireside chat at the MarTech Conference with Dun & Bradstreet CMO Rishi Dave, who explained why data should be the driving force behind every organization's marketing efforts.

Marketing Management

Questions To Ask About Your Biggest Marketing Technology Challenges

What happened in the marketing technology industry? If it was made for, well, marketers, why is it so freaking hard for traditional marketers to wrap their minds around the space? Many of the marketing technology solutions solve only one problem or part of the problem. There is no be-all, end-all marketing technology solution that will […]

Performance Marketing

The Weird Al Yankovic Social Media Case Study

Weird Al Owns Social Media Content creators, social media strategists and PR professionals should fall to the feet of Weird Al and lap up his creative genius. What Yankovic pulled off this past week in the world of content publishing was amazing. His 14th (yes, fourteenth!) studio album, Mandatory Fun, was released on July 15th, 2014. […]


Removing The Fog From The Marketing Cloud

Consider this: just 20 years ago, a retailer having a website was a huge novelty. Back then, the main purpose was to connect customers to service reps or find a store, and it took years before you could effectively showcase and optimize products like you can today with a marketing cloud. Websites and e-commerce have […]