Mary Wallace

Mary Wallace is a modern marketer with the skills and ability to increase revenue and optimize campaign performance by leveraging technical, business, management, content, and marketing expertise. With over 25 years of industry experience, Mary has a diverse background in marketing, technology, media, consulting, and leadership that enables her to help clients implement solutions that produces optimal results. A leader in marketing automation and marketing technology, Mary provides thought leadership for a variety of publications.

Marketing Operations

Putting a stop to click fraud

Where do we stand in the battle against invalid clicks that plagues online advertising? Columnist Mary Wallace sets the scene and outlines steps being taken.

Digital Transformation

4 ways to revamp your email creation process

If your email creation process happens at the pace of a sloth, it's time for a change. Columnist Mary Wallace outlines four steps to help you streamline and improve communications with your target audience.

Marketing Management

LEGO logic rocks marketing automation

Overwhelmed by the big picture when tackling marketing automation? Contributor Mary Wallace explains how a popular toy has inspired a useful way of thinking about and deploying campaigns.

Marketing Operations

Confessions of a marketing automation addict

Marketing automation is the future for digital marketers. But Mary Wallace, a columnist and marketing automation junkie, explains why in-person events and direct mail still have their place in the marketing mix.

Performance Marketing

12 email marketing fundamentals to master

Columnist Mary Wallace provides a primer on email marketing fundamentals for newbies and veterans alike, noting that advanced technology is useless if you don't get these right.

Marketing Operations

Marketing automation made easy

Marketing automation doesn't have to be intimidating. Columnist Mary Wallace explains how to select the right tool and offers tips for launching a marketing automation project.

Digital Transformation

3 tips for embracing martech

Change isn't easy. Columnist Mary Wallace discusses ways to get everyone in your organization on board with new solutions and technologies.