This week’s roundup of AI-powered martech releases

Here are the artificial intelligence-powered marketing technology products, platforms and features announced this week.

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Before we dive into the roundup, here’s a quick look at some recent research on marketers’ use of AI:

More than half (51.3%) of global marketing leaders say cost is a significant barrier when adopting AI, according to a new study by Algomarketing, a workforce solutions and marketing operations consultancy.

Also, 77.5% said that they have had to delay the implementation of AI and automation due to concerns about bias and fairness. Almost half (44.4%) said they have issues finding people who have the skills in marketing and AI to undertake projects. Only 23.2% of the world’s biggest companies have adequate internal resources to take advantage of new technologies, with over half (52%) opting for a blended skills approach to AI implementation using in-house staff alongside external suppliers.

U.S.-based marketers are less likely to adopt AI than those in other regions. Only 26.7% of U.S.-based, and 14% of Singapore-based marketers, said they have been using AI tools in the last three years. This compares to 54.5% of those based in Australia and 45.3% in the U.K.

The study surveyed over 300 global marketing leaders working in firms with 10,000+ staff about the current use of AI and automation in their marketing operations.

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And now, this week’s AI-powered martech products, features, releases and related news:

  • Kognitiv’s Kognitiv Ignite is AI-native, outcome-based, one-to-one personalization software. It is designed to help brands with their customer engagement strategies across owned channels by evaluating millions of attributes, predicting future customer behavior and prescribing interactions for every customer to meet the brand’s predefined business goals.
  • DreamHost has launched an AI-powered business name generator. The tool guides small business owners to a business name and suggests relevant, related domain names to register. Once a business name has been chosen and domain names secured, DreamHost provides a checklist of additional steps and recommendations for small business owners to get their businesses off the ground.
  • Proximic by Comscore has three new and expanded contextual solutions designed to deliver access to ID-free audiences across platforms, at-scale, all supported by its AI-driven contextual engine. The three new and expanded solutions are: ID-less Demographic Segments, which provides a cookieless solution to target content with a high propensity to be consumed by a specific demographic; Show-Level Linear and Streaming Audiences lets marketers reach show-level audiences at scale and across all digital platforms; and Proximic Activation Platform is designed to provide marketers and media companies with increased control over their ad campaign targeting.
  • Insider’s Sirius AI is a generative AI solution for customer experience. It can build targeted segments, orchestrate connected customer journeys based on preferred outcomes, generate copy automatically and enable two-way conversations on autopilot.
  • Getty Images’ Generative AI pairs the company’s creative content with AI technology for a commercially safe generative AI tool. It is trained on the Edify model architecture, part of NVIDIA Picasso, a foundry for generative AI models for visual design. The tool is trained solely from Getty Images’ vast creative library, including exclusive premium content, with full indemnification for commercial use.

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