Pinterest gives SMBs access to Shop the Look Pins, a free product-tagging tool for organic Pins

Previously only available to large businesses, Pinterest Shop the Look Pins are now available to all business accounts.

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Shop The Look Pins Pinterest

Pinterest Shop the Look Pins are now available to SMBs and influencers.

Pinterest is making Shop the Look Pins, a free product-tagging tool for fashion and home decor Pins, available to anyone with a business account.

Why marketers should care

Shop the Look Pins allow businesses to tag products within organic Pins. The tags appear as small white dots. When users tap on one of the white dots in a Shop the Look Pin, they’ll see more information, including pricing and availablity, and a link to buy the item.

With more than 250 million monthly active users, Pinterest reports 67 percent of its users have discovered a new brand or product from a business account. Ninety-three percent of Pinners say they use the platform to plan purchases. Shop the Look Pins can help brands drive traffic and purchases from their organic content on the platform.

Pinterest first launched the Shop the Look Pins in February 2017, offering them only to large businesses. Companies had to go through Pinterest Marketing Partners Olapic and Curalate to gain access. Now, all SMBs and influencers can manually tag items with Shop the Look Pins via a self-serve tool available to business accounts. Pinterest still recommends large retailers work with Olapic or Curalate to automate the tagging process.

More on Pinterest’s Shop the Look Pins

  • According to the Pinterest, Pins have a much longer shelf life than most social posts that usually only last a day or so. The company reports Pins can drive engagement for 120 days or more.
  • GfK’s December 2017 “US Multi-vertical Pinterest in the Path to Purchase” report revealed 78 percent of Pinterest users found branded content in their feeds and search results useful.
  • Shop the Look Pins are an extension of Pinterest’s visual discovery tools — instead of surfacing new, similar products, Shop the Look Pins are designed to deliver more product information for users and drive revenue for businesses.

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