A Look Back At Innovation: The Year’s Top 10 Marketing Strategies Columns

What's the secret behind some of the most successful marketing strategies? Here's a look at what some CMOs and marketing leaders learned over the past year.

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A winning marketing strategy is a team effort, but sometimes it takes the vision of a marketing leader or CMO to look at the big picture and come away with the tactics that will take your business to the next level. Luckily, some of the most successful marketers aren’t afraid to share their secrets, and these same folks were willing to discuss what they’ve learned over the past year with our readers on Marketing Land.

So what are the most successful marketers doing right? Our expert columnists took a look at everything from ways to maximize a small marketing budget online to the changes you’ll need to make in the coming year if you want to stay competitive.

These marketing leaders shared their secrets for success, as well as lessons learned from past mistakes. To learn from these hits and misses, check out our top 10 Marketing Strategies Columns of 2015:

  1. 6 Inbound Marketing Techniques Every Business Should Use by Neil Patel, published on 1/28/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 696, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 636
  2. 21 Ways To Market Your Business Online On A Shoestring Budget by Steve Olenski, published on 5/11/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 538, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 371
  3. How I Failed In Digital Advertising by Peter Minnium, published on 5/22/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 394, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 664
  4. 15 Digital Marketing Myths CMOs Need To Stop Believing by Scott Rayden, published on 10/1/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 560, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 947
  5. 8 Marketing Plan Differentiators That Will Make Your Strategy Pop by Sonny Ganguly, published on 5/12/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 1681, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 376
  6. Gone In 15 Seconds: The Top 3 Reasons People Leave Your Website by Jordan Kretchmer, published on 7/31/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 376, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 630
  7. 7 Things CMOs Need To Know About Search Engine Marketing by Scott Rayden, published on 4/16/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 426, Google+ 116, LinkedIn 578
  8. Exploring The Cutting-Edge: Predictive Marketing Analytics by Mary Wallace, published on 2/3/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 164, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 201
  9. 6 Huge Marketing Pivots You Might Have To Make In The Next 12 Months by Neil Patel, published on 7/14/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 186, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 839
  10. Top Tools To Jumpstart Your Content Creation & Keep It Going by Steve Olenski, published on 6/15/15.
    Social activity: Facebook 1880, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 418

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