Domain Level Metrics’ dashboard aggregates metrics from Moz, SpyFu, SEMRush & others

The new product, free during its beta phase, displays everything from the tools’ APIs.

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data-water-swimming-lake-ss-1920An Austin, Texas-based startup is offering a new dashboard showing all the aggregate metrics from the APIs of selected search and website analytical tools.

Domain Level Metrics has released a beta of its tool for mining aggregated metrics. It currently provides all the API aggregate data, updated daily, from marketing analytics provider Moz, search analytics firms SpyFu and SEMrush and web stats provider Alexa.

By the end of the year, CEO and founder David Sheeley told me, the company is expecting to add search marketing tool providers Majestic and Ahrefs and Alexa competitor Similar Web.

The advantage of his product, he said, is that “you don’t have to subscribe to each platform to gain access to this data,” since such metrics are usually only part of each platform.

Sheeley added that, to his knowledge, Domain Level Metrics is the only dashboard offering all the aggregate API data from these tools. Companies like SEO/marketing platform RankRanger, he said, only show some of the API data, such as Majestic’s Trust Flow.

By the end of the year, he said, stats from social media tool APIs will be added, followed by ones from video performance trackers.

Domain Level Metrics itself is not available via an API, but the data can be exported to a .csv file.

The dashboard is offered for free during this beta phase, expected to last until the end of this year. Sheeley said he envisioned pricing at that time will be in the range of $5 to $10 a month, per domain.

Domain Level Metrics pays a license fee for the APIs, he said, as do other providers of partial data from APIs. He noted his company has a written agreement in the works with Moz and SpyFu to resell the data in this fashion, and is working with the other sources to get something in writing beyond just the API license.

Here’s a Domain Level Metrics screen shot showing the metrics from Moz:

Domain Level Metrics

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