MarTech Conference: The 2017 Stackies and Hackies winners

This year, six companies won Stackies, and four nabbed the new Hackies awards.

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The third annual Stackies Awards announced six winners Tuesday night at the opening night of Third Door Media’s MarTech Conference, now taking place in San Francisco.

That’s one more than the original intention of five winners, but judges were tied on two of the 57 entries.

“Wow, this year’s entries are even better [than 2015 and 2016],” MarTech conference chair Scott Brinker said in a post on his ChiefMartec blog.

And there were three winners for the new Hackies awards, whose 21 entries were essays about a great “marketing hack” that combines marketing, tech and management.

Judges for the Stackies were Brinker, Elisabeth Osmeloski of MarketingLand, David Raab of Raab Associates, Marc Sirkin of the MarTech Conference, Anand Thaker of IntelliPhi and yours truly.

The three top Hackies winners were chosen by the number of social media shares received on, MarTech Today, and the MarTech Conference site, plus one of those was awarded an Editor’s Choice award.

To encourage entries, the MarTech conference had announced it would contribute $100 to Girls Who Code for every Stackie or Hackie published. As a result, that organization has received a check for $7,800, representing 57 Stackie submissions and 21 Hackies.

Each Stackie entry was a single slide visually presenting that company’s marketing tech stack in the best way possible to visually and conceptually meet the criteria:

  • Alignment: How well-aligned is your stack with your business?
  • Concept: How insightful is the conceptual organization of your stack?
  • Clarity: How easy is it for a reader to understand your stack?
  • Design: The aesthetics of your slide and its visual appeal.
  • Detail: More detail is generally better, within reason, for a single slide.

You can see all the Stackies entries here:

The Stackies Winners

Click on each image to see an enlarged view.

Allocadia Marketing Stack

Allocadia Marketing Stack2 Vmnvnn

Aprimo Marketing Stack

Aprimo Marketing Stack Le7vb0

Cisco Marketing Stack
Cisco Martech Stack Qf2ufp

Informatica Marketing Stack

Informatica Marketing Stack Zts3da

Microsoft Marketing Stack

Microsoft Martech Stack Hpdb4x

Red Wing Shoes Marketing Stack

Red Wing Marketing Stack Ykr2cp

The Hackies

2017 Hackie Winners Qybbuz

And here are the three winning Hackies:

Plus, the Editor’s Choice award was given to Matt Parisi of Tealium for his “Beacons and Bacon” entry.

All of the Hackies entries are posted at the bottom of the story on

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