Rachel Balik

Rachel Balik is a writer and marketer with several years of experience in online publishing, B2B technology and digital communications strategy. In addition to serving as content strategist at Demandbase, she is a freelance journalist and advises startups on core messaging and content.


Debunking The Myths Of B2B Display Advertising

Pervasive misconceptions about display advertising have caused business-to-business (B2B) organizations to question its value. Here, columnist Rachel Balik addresses and dispels some of the common myths surrounding display ads.


Five Bad Marketing Habits To Give Up In 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, many of us are trying to both take stock of the year behind us and get ready for the one ahead. There’s a lot of advice out there about what you should be doing; but if you’re secretly thinking, “Sounds nice, but I’ll add that to my list when […]


How To Hack The B2B Buying Cycle

Much of the B2B sales cycle occurs before the prospect even contacts you. Contributor Rachel Balik discusses how we can nurture leads during this critical time.


To Successfully Measure B2B Content Marketing, Get In The Friend Zone

Although it’s almost universally agreed upon that content marketing is necessary, no one can seem to agree on the right metrics to measure its success. The majority of marketers seem to fall into one of two equally flawed camps. The first is the “we’ve heard content marketing is good so we’ll do a lot and call […]


Too Bizarre Or Too Boring? Finding The Right Balance For B2B Content

B2B companies have been loosening their figurative ties in the past few years, and most everybody is breathing a sigh of relief. But for content marketers, it’s a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s great news that we no longer need to fill our blog posts with meaningless jargon and clunky technical terms. On the […]


Data Vs. Creativity: The Content Marketer’s False Choice

I was at a conference last week where Adobe VP Marketing Insights & Operations David Welch was asked to sum up the future of marketing in six words. His response: “Creative thrills, but data pays bills.” As a writer, I had to respect his ability to turn a phrase. But I also felt a twinge of remorse. […]