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You may not think of your project management software as a part of your martech stack, but I’d beg to disagree. After all, that’s how you wrangle your (often geographically-distributed) team to make sure the creative is completed, approved and trafficked so your marketing initiative launches on time and achieves the desired results.

Your specific marketing activities may differ, but, at the end of the day, it’s all about getting things done. And if you embrace an Agile workflow, it’s also about evaluating your results and iterating for the next sprint.

That’s why we tackled workflow and project management tools in our latest in-depth Martech Intelligence Report, which we’ve just released today.

In it, you’ll find a look at this software category, what you should expect from these tools and how they differ from one another. Additionally, we’ve included profiles of 16 vendors, from Airtable to Zoho, to help you get a handle on which would work best for your marketing organization.

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Marketing work management: A snapshot

What it is: Marketing work management platforms help marketing leaders and their teams structure their day-to-day work to meet their goals on deadline and within budget constraints, all while managing resources and facilitating communication and collaboration. Functions may include task assignments, time tracking, budgeting, team communication and file sharing, among others.

Why it’s important today. Work environments have changed drastically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has heightened the need for work management tools that help marketers navigate these new workflows.

Marketers have been at work developing processes that allow them to work with those outside their own offices since marketing projects—campaigns, websites, white papers, or webinars—frequently involve working with outside sources.

Also, with marketers required to design interfaces, write content, and create engaging visual assets today, more marketers are adopting agile workflow practices, which often have features to support agile practices.

What the tools do. All of these changes have heightened the need for marketing work management software, which optimizes and documents the projects undertaken by digital marketers. They often integrate with other systems like digital asset management platforms and creative suites. But most importantly, these systems improve process clarity, transparency, and accountability, helping marketers keep work on track.

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