PacketZoom to bundle Amazon CloudFront with its mobile app acceleration tools

The mobile solutions company says it is the only complete, end-to-end mobile CDN in the industry.

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No one likes it when their apps slow down, particularly marketers who are investing in the technology to build engagement and achieve other goals.

With what it says is the only complete Mobile Application Performance Management and Optimization (AMPO) product suite on the market, PacketZoom promises a faster experience — for users and developers.

“We want to make it easy for developers to have a one-stop shop, end-to-end solution for everything that they need,” PacketZoom CEO Shlomi Gian told me, while describing the frustrations that end users can experience due to network issues.

The newly announced Amazon CloudFront integration adds a CDN (content delivery network) to the two-year-old app accelerator’s current analysis and optimization solution: an SDK (software development kit) that includes the free Mobile IQ analysis tool and the optional pay-per-use optimizer Mobile Expresslane.

The tools identify and solve network problems, making delivery speeds up to three times as fast, the company says.

Screen Shot 2018 02 12 At 2.47.18 PM Rcyr5b

Screen shot of the PacketZoom dashboard showing real-time traffic. The orange line shows content delivered with PacketZoom, the blue shows delivery without.

Since so many businesses already use Amazon CloudFront, it seemed natural to offer it as a CDN, Gian said, adding that those who are already using the service should see cost savings by purchasing it as part of a PacketZoom bundle.

Marketing Director Daniella Balaban told me PacketZoom’s entire solution is unique in the mobile accelerator space.

“No one else is able to resolve mobile network issues in real time,” Balaban said. “We’re the only ones to offer the analytics, the alert and the solution.”

Balaban said it’s also the only solution that was designed just for mobile.

“No one else has a mobile network-specific solution. All the other CDNs that are addressing this were created for the web and kind of added mobile as a capability. No one else started with a mobile app-specific solution that can do everything that we do,” Balaban said.

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