HubSpot’s June releases: The manager’s guide

Free CMS, revenue goal sharing, email open rates adjusted for iOS 15.

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HubSpot’s been busy, but we’re betting you’ve got vacation on your mind. Here’s what you need to know about the June releases. Details are below: 

  • Launching a new site? HubSpot wants you! Its content management system (CMS) and hosting are now  “free-forever” to anyone with any HubSpot account. 
  • Managers with Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise edition can now set and track revenue goals and share access with teams and colleagues.
  • iOS 15 really messed with open rates. Hubspot introduced an enhanced email open report that excludes “machine opens”, compensating for inflated open rates introduced by Apple’s iOS 15 Mail Privacy Protection feature.
  • You can now more easily view and manage payments in the CRM, HubSpot’s first step toward eliminating front-office/back office silos.
  • Your developers will love this. They can now copy workflows from your live site to your dev environment for testing. 

Free CMS

HubSpot’s content management system (CMS) is now free for building and hosting websites.

Try HubSpot CMS to see if it is a better fit than your current CMS platform and hosting. The only risk is the time you’ll invest evaluating the platform. The offer is especially attractive if you’re building a site or microsite on a different domain. 

You get attribution based on website activity so you know where your customers are engaging, and can use automation based on website visitor behavior. Also: no plugins!

Your HubSpot team will be familiar with the CMS interface, eliminating the need to learn a new system. 

Read more about HubSpot’s free CMS

Revenue goals reporting

This feature makes HubSpot more useful for managers tracking their team’s performance against goals. It provides more granular and interactive reporting, including a dashboard progress bar, status, and notifications. Track when goals start, are achieved, missed, or exceeded.

Cross-team visibility keeps individuals motivated to achieve goals, holds them accountable, and builds trust by enhancing transparency. Notifications may help managers celebrate wins in real-time, and identify opportunities for coaching when performance doesn’t meet expectations.

Read more about HubSpot revenue goals or watch here

Refined email open rate reporting (beta)

In beta, HubSpot is now adjusting open rates by taking into account inflated open rates caused by changes Apple made in iOS15. The company is reporting the measure as Adjusted open rate. 

By compensating for iOS 15-induced inaccuracies, marketers should have a more precise idea of what offers are resonating with engaged contacts (those that actually open your email). Identifying unengaged individuals will enable re-engagement efforts or removal.

Attributing opens to a person or bot is tricky business, and HubSpot admits that “as it is not possible to accurately attribute unreliable opens to a bot or an actual recipient, the Adjusted open rate is an estimation. 

Read more about the HubSpot Adjusted Open Rate reporting

Payments object and reporting

You now can manage refunds, resend receipts, and download payment and payout reports, with the HubSpot Payments object. Any time a customer pays through one of HubSpot’s Payment methods (see here and here), a record is created in the Payments object.

This feature provides managers with one-screen views of revenue and expenses (such as credit card fees) among all your teams. You can see the report in HubSpot, eliminating the need to log into other tools to make refunds or resolve failed payments. 

By making reporting available to customer success teams, handoffs from sales should happen as soon as customers are acquired, making for a better customer experience. 

Read more about the HubSpot Payments Object and reporting

Workflows sync to and from Sandboxes

If you want to test a workflow you’ve built without causing problems with live data in your CRM, you no longer have to rebuild the workflow in the test portal. You can copy it.

This feature will enable improvements to workflows to be made faster since you can now have confidence in what data will be affected. 

Read more about syncing workflows in sandboxes

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To see the releases in development, Hubspot has recently updated its product roadmaps for 2022, which you can find at the bottom of this page, beginning with Sales Hub

If you are a HubSpot user, you can find a complete list of recent updates by clicking on your profile picture, Product Updates, and filtering for the desired time period.

HubSpot also describes select new features and shows roadmaps of future items in development on its website, and the HubSpot Community has a releases and updates section.

I also recommend following HubSpot Academy Senior Inbound Sales professor Kyle Jepson on Linkedin or Twitter. Search for #HubSpotTipsAndTricks.

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