Seth Price

Seth Price is a brand and marketing strategist with 20 years of digital marketing experience. He’s the VP of Industry Relations at Placester, author of The Road to Recognition and host of The Craft of Marketing and Marketing Genius podcasts. As a speaker, writer, and marketing workshop leader, Seth brings levity, mentorship, and a dose of reality to the businesses and entrepreneurs he coaches.

Digital Transformation

How to nurture new vs. existing leads

Now that you've got your leads lined up, what's next? Contributor Seth Price discusses how to segment brand-new from already existing leads so that you can build on those relationships and ultimately close more sales.

Performance Marketing

Social media automation: Oxymoron or godsend?

When it comes to engaging with consumers on social, automation can save you both time and money. Contributor Seth Price outlines four things to consider when automating your social media content.

Marketing Operations

Making emotional connections in a digital era

Emotional marketing is effective and advertisers worry that technology can serve as a barrier to brand-consumer connection. But columnist Seth Price believes technology can actually help foster these emotional connections.

Marketing Operations

Relationship marketing: The new CRM

Columnist Seth Price believes that the best martech sits at the intersection of old-school marketing and today's digital technology, and next-gen CRMs that can manage this balance will help marketers connect with consumers in the most effective way possible.