David Rodnitzky

David Rodnitzky is CEO and co-founder of 3Q Digital, a marketing firm with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and downtown Chicago. David is the founder of the LinkedIn Online Lead Generation Group, an advisor for Marin Software, and a regular contributor to the 3Q Digital blog. He can be found at numerous speaking engagements across the SEM community.

Digital Transformation

Experts can save you 9,999 hours of pain

Don't make the mistake of not listening to experts. Columnist David Rodnitzky says that whether you're looking for a doctor or an SEM, you need to keep the "10,000 hours" of experience rule in mind.

Digital Transformation

The 4 Worst Lies Other Marketers Tell

From pay-to-play awards to fabricating a disaster, some marketing maneuvers are truly deceptive. Columnist David Rodnitzky explains why you should pass on these sketchy tactics, even though they sometimes end up driving sales.

Marketing Management

Let Us Now Praise Famous Marketers

Why would a client pay for an advertisement congratulating its service provider for good work? Columnist David Rodnitzky explains the reasoning behind such a move, yet wonders why the industry still thinks this way.