David Rekuc

David Rekuc

David Rekuc is Marketing Director of Ripen eCommerce, a full-service digital agency in Princeton, NJ that specializes in delivering custom eCommerce solutions.


5 Ways Paid Search Can Support SEO In Retail

Digital marketing is quite the fragmented landscape; modern marketing channels can be so complex that they often require dedicated specialists. But who is looking at the bigger picture when your team members are mono-focused on one discipline? I find this especially worrisome in the world of organic and paid search, which play in the same sandbox […]

Digital transformation

Not Another Predictions Article: How To Grow Your Business Tomorrow (Or Next Week)

Read any marketing predictions for 2015 lately? They’re everywhere. (Heck, I’ve even written my own.) But while every predictions article you’ll read aims to make bold predictions and be the first to forecast where our industry is headed, very few are grounded in actionable advice. So instead of predicting what’s ahead, let’s take some time […]

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