Danielle Wiley

Danielle Wiley

Danielle Wiley is the CEO and founder of Sway Group, an agency that represents over 80 of the most influential publishers online. Sway's division Massive Sway is a network comprised of over 50,000 female bloggers.

Customer experience

How To Use Social Media & Blogs For Powerful Call-To-Action Marketing

Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest — more and more, these are the places where people are talking about goods and services. Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report confirms the growing trend of consumers turning to blogs and social media when looking to make a purchase, thanks to the trust and clout carried by online influencers. No one […]

Performance marketing

How To Market On Pinterest And Instagram — Even If You Don’t Have A Branded Account

Looking for ways to boost your organization’s social media engagement in 2014? As a marketer, you’re tasked with the slippery job of putting together content strategies in an environment that’s constantly changing, thanks to social media’s seemingly infinite capacity for rolling out new channels and products. Who could blame you for focusing on the one […]

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