Cristian Potter

Cristian Potter is a Data Solutions Engineer at Chitika and a lead author for reports by Chitika Insights, the research arm of the online ad network. Some of his main responsibilities include understanding fluctuations within Chitika’s large network of enterprise-class publishers, developing optimizations to improve ad monetization, and using analytical techniques to extract market share information from internal data for use in conducting research and generating market studies.


How Users Of Various OSes Differ In Their Online Behavior Over Time

For marketers, timing is often as important as creative, the most obvious example being campaigns tied to particular holidays. These days, with complex analyses now possible for activities like email marketing, online promotions and blog posts, industry practitioners are actively pursuing the “best” timing for their latest initiatives. In this piece, we drill down into […]


State-Level Usage Statistics: How They Can Be Leveraged

For many brands, regionalization of marketing programs represents a key pillar to their overarching strategy. Particularly for those companies operating nationally, it’s often difficult and costly to target consumers on a very granular level. Regionalization allows marketers to look at trends across a slightly larger area — typically several adjacent states that share some cultural […]


Monetizing Your Website’s Real Fans & The “Bandwagon”

In the New England area, Red Sox fever came to a head once again with the October World Series victory this year, and it was clear that many of the fans celebrating were of the “bandwagon” variety. Winning championships turns sporting events into cultural events; non-fans into casual fans; and casual fans into actual fans. […]


Stark Differences: Social Vs. Search Referrals & Ad Clicking Behavior

The search marketplace is still a relatively young industry, yet the technology and investment communities view it as a mature market. A near-total majority of web users utilize a search engine on a daily basis, and the largest players are now generally entrenched. In this context, social networks represent the next growth industry — in […]