Chuck Sharp

Chuck Sharp is the CEO and founder of Right Intel, a marketing intelligence software company. He is a frequent guest speaker at Northwestern University and is an adjunct professor at the University of Utah.


3 Ways To Avoid Information Overload

I’ve heard and used the colloquialism “TMI” (short for “Too Much Information”) in social situations plenty of times — like when my sister wants me to watch a YouTube video of an operation she’s about to have on her finger. But I had never heard “TMI” used in a business setting until last week, when […]


Dodge Marketing Plan Doom With A Performance Framework

One afternoon, I was sitting in the CEO’s office at a global agency when an urgent knock came from the door. The global account director was leading an emergency meeting with the agency’s biggest client, and he was in a bind. The agency needed to retrofit a performance measurement plan for a $12 million marketing […]