AI-powered martech releases and news: Jan. 11

In addition to martech releases, here are some of the weirdest AI-powered products from this week's Consumer Electronics Show.

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The Consumer Electronics Show is on in Las Vegas and this year the magic buzzword is AI. 

SK Group’s AI Fortune Teller is proof that conmen’s jobs are now at risk: It “reads” fortunes by taking a picture of you and having you pick a card from an on-screen deck. Fortunately (see what I did there?), this is going no further than the show floor. 

Bird watching is a splendid, relaxing pastime that anybody can do. So clearly it needs a $4,800 pair of AI-powered binoculars, right? Swarovski’s ​​AX Visio 10×32 uses AI to identify more than 9,000 birds and other species and takes photos and videos.

There’s an AI-powered baby cry translator — something The Simpsons predicted 31 years ago. Cappella claims its app accurately deciphers the child’s screaming 95% of the time. OK, but what parents truly need is a way to get more sleep.

Some other “must-buy” AI-powered devices:

  • Brisk It’s NeoSear grill: “Once you’ve prepped the food, Brisk It’s InnoGrill AI 2.0 technology will command the grill to cook it.” A $2000 on switch?
  • The Chef AI air fryer detects what food you’ve put in it, saving you the trouble of hitting a button.
  • The Oclean X Ultra Wi-Fi Digital Toothbrush provides “AI voice tips to bolster your brushing technique.” Ummm, what?

Now let’s look at some AI implementations that are actually useful: 

  • Walmart’s GenAI uses Microsoft’s AI and Walmart’s data to provide customers with product suggestions based on use cases. InHome Replenishment automates the re-ordering of frequently ordered items for InHome delivery subscribers.
  • AUDIENCEX’s AUDIENCEX Intelligence added AXi Explorer. It provides visibility into real-time omnichannel performance data, predictive modeling, and transparent reporting throughout the campaign lifecycle.
  • InMoment and Bright have partnered to offer an AI-powered upskilling application that uses real-time data to improve employee performance and customer experience.
  • Chatmeter’s Pulse AI: Signals gives brands real-time insights into customer and location feedback through reports and data analysis.
  • AppsFlyer’s Creative Optimization uses AI to optimize creative assets and campaigns based on performance data and guidance.
  • Mintel’s Mintel Leap is a generative AI platform that provides research and recommendations on people, products and categories based on Mintel’s expertise.
  • Getty Images’ Generative AI by iStock, a tool that uses NVIDIA Picasso to generate high-quality and legally safe visual content from users’ creative visions.
  • Samba TV’s Samba AI is a suite of generative AI and ML technologies that detect and analyze logos and brand sentiment on TV screens and provide real-time insights and targeting options for brands.
  • NICE’s 2023 CXone Fall Release added AutoSummary, a feature that uses generative AI to create summaries for voice and digital interactions and improve CX.
  • MediaGo and Voluum partner to integrate their platforms and offer advertisers access to premium media traffic, high-quality ad placements, and deep learning-based optimization technologies.
  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT Team is a subscription plan for its AI chatbot that offers a shared workspace, admin tools, access to the latest models, file processing, and GPT creation and sharing for small teams of up to 149 people. It costs $30 per user per month or $25 per user per month billed annually, significantly less than ChatGPT Enterprise, which costs as much as $60 per user per month with a minimum of 150 users and a 12-month contract. 

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