AdStage Launches “Automate” To Power PPC Automation Across Search And Social Ad Networks

Advertisers will be able to set bulk rules to optimize campaigns across Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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Self-serve campaign management platform AdStage has announced the launch of a new product called Automate to help advertisers optimize PPC campaigns across search and social networks.

Automate is robust rebuild of the Automated Rules app on the Adstage platform. AdStage says it’s the first ad automation product that’s able to support optimizations across Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Ads.

The new product powers cross-network alerts, bulk actions, optimizations, campaign scheduling, ad testing and ad rotation rules. Below is an example of an Optimization rule setting to be applied to AdWords, Bing, Facebook and Twitter.


Cross-network PPC automation is the first step in the company’s vision for Automate. As part of a longer-term plan, AdStage plans to build out the existing platform beyond advertising management to encompass sales automation, content management and marketing automation tools and give marketers a way to bridge data capabilities across a wide set of tools. Automate would provide the data connection across all of these systems — thus bringing and end to the manual data exports and imports between systems that now take up so much of marketers’ time.

An example of this vision, Sahil Jain, co-founder and CEO of AdStage, explained by phone last week, would be to have Automate automatically pull lead segments from SalesForce and send them to Marketo, Facebook and LinkedIn each week. That’s still a ways off, but the framework is being laid out. For now, Automate sits on top of the existing ads platform to bring automation across the supported search and social networks in AdStage.

A handful of advertisers and agencies have piloted Automate over the past few months. The new product connects to the AdStage API which allows the company to continuously plug new services into the open platform, such as bidding algorithm, content management or reporting tools.

The San Francisco-based startup also rolled out new branding and a new website, which includes the launch of AdStage Digital Marketing Academy created to help marketers learn about cross-functional strategy, optimization opportunities and other challenges facing today’s digital marketers.

Automate joins the existing ad creation, reporting and campaign management products already available on the AdStage platform.

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