Stonyfield Enlists Super-Hot Hunks To Convince Women To #CheatOnGreek

The Groupe Danone-owned organic yogurt maker targets women who aren't as fond of Greek yogurt as they think they should be.

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So, Greek yogurt. It’s supposed to be super good for you and better than regular yogurt, right? Except that, well, many think it just doesn’t taste quite as good as regular yogurt. Working with NAIL Communications, Stonyfield Yogurt aims to make things a bit more palatable.

A new campaign targeted towards women, #CheatOnGreek, urges women to, literally, cheat on their Greek yogurt eating habits by getting a little something tasty on the side, namely Stonyfield’s new Petite Crème, a lighter, less-intense version of Greek yogurt.

Of the campaign’s direction, NAIL’s Creative Director, Alec Beckett, said,  “The key insight came while a woman in our office said, ‘I wish I liked Greek yogurt. Everyone else seems to.’

That casual overheard conversation immediately got the creatives and their dirty minds thinking. It led to the fun, titillating handle, ‘Cheat on Greek’ which manages to position Petite Crème as an alternative to Greek yogurt with some sassy innuendo. And once you give our creative team permission to head down the innuendo path, we knew there would be no shortage of good ideas.”

The campaign does, indeed, takes on a promiscuous tone with two commercials. In Confessions, a group of women do the double entendre thing seemingly discussing morning sex saying things like, “Everyone else seems to like it, but I don’t like it. Maybe there’s something wrong with me?” “My husband’s kind of into it, but I’m like, eww.” Of course, what they’re really talking about is the dirty deed of consuming Greek yogurt in the morning.

A second commercial, Temptation, takes on an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure approach. The initial video asks viewers a simple question, “So you want to cheat on Greek?” Viewers are then presented with a Yes and a No button. People who click the yes button are directed to another video in which they are presented a coupon for the product.

People who choose no — and continue to do so in video after video — are presented with video after video of increasingly hotter come ons by increasingly hotter looking men until after 4-5 videos, Stonyfield just gives up and directs viewers back to the video that offers the coupon. But it is, indeed, an interesting journey.

All the videos and the entire choose-your-own-adventure are housed on the brand’s Cheat on Greek campaign microsite.

On the social media front, the #CheatOnGreek hashtag is getting a lot of play especially from Fat to Fit’s Stefan Pinto who’s more than happy to lend his six pack to the campaign.

He’s also feeding the stuff to his dog on Instagram:


The campaign also includes an Instagram-based sweepstakes. Those interested can sign up for the campaign newsletter which is sent from September 1-14. Each day, the newsletter shares a theme. To enter the contest, people can take a photo based on the day’s theme and post it top Instgram using the hashtags #CheatOnGreek and #Sweepstakes. The grand prize is a $1,000 Macy’s gift card.

And speaking of Macy’s, just yesterday Stoneyfield was at Macy’s in New York with Ryan Seacrest and lots and lots of samples to give away.

And over in Central Park, the ladies #CheatOnGreek with some stud muffin:


All in all, a very nicely rounded campaign making effective use of various social media channels and interactive video.

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