Susan Esparza

Susan Esparza is a Content Strategist for Trueffect, the leading first-party targeting and measurement platform for large performance advertisers.

Performance Marketing

Care & Feeding Of Creatives

Display advertising is centered around its ad creative. While the technology and channels used to serve ads are undeniably important, without a killer ad campaign, your marketing is dead in the water. Developing fresh creative and knowing when that creative is ready to retire are key to display success. One Weird Trick One day, a […]

Performance Marketing

The Retargeting Trap: How Targeting Conversions Hurts ROI

Data are wonderful things. Properly applied, data can provide insights into where to trim budget and where to increase it. Data will indicate what’s working versus what’s not, what’s a signal versus what’s an outlier. And, data help to determine the proper media mix for the overall campaign strategy. Data-driven, performance-based advertisers reviewing their online […]

Performance Marketing

First Party To Whom? Display Targeting Data Demystified

With the ever-increasing drone of industry rumblings about the demise of the third-party cookie, many ad tech players have begun highlighting “first party” prominently as a key buzzword in their positioning. Frequently, this is used in the context of “first-party data” and, in some cases, “operating in the first party” for online advertisements. This has […]