Oliver Jacob

Oliver Jacob is co-founder and CEO of Vantage Local, a complete solution provider for local display advertising.


For Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, 2014 Is The Year Of Digital Display

A significant opportunity exists for automotive dealerships and digital agencies to capitalize on an explosive market for certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle sales in 2014. This growth will be driven by a rapidly growing supply of vehicles coming off-lease that make up the majority of CPO vehicles. The rise in CPO inventory in 2014 will be […]


Honk if You Love Gravy: What Auto Dealership Display Strategies Are Missing

Local automotive dealerships are well aware of the need to promote sales with digital display advertising — after all, new and used car sales are high ROI profit centers. However, dealerships tend to overlook digital display opportunities for three other significant profit centers which are ripe for promotion: Service, Parts, and Collision & Repair. While […]


Advertising Has a Banking-Industry-Size Fraud Problem

Local advertisers are more susceptible than ever to deceptive digital agency practices. The metric commonly used to gauge success in local display advertising today, click-through rate (CTR), can be easily manipulated to provide the illusion of success, leading local advertisers to believe that their campaign is performing well. Unfortunately, the selective manner in which many […]


Intelligent IP: Revolutionary Ad Targeting For Locally-Minded Marketers

In my last column, I analyzed the limitations of cookie-based behavioral targeting for locally-focused advertisers. As demonstrated in that study, contextual targeting strategies — in a series of well-documented tests — eclipsed behavioral targeting in performance and brand safety. However, as digital advertisers are aware, not every contextual targeting strategy is scalable at the local […]