Matt Ackley

Matt Ackley is a former developer who was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of marketing back in 2005. Now there, as CMO of Marin Software, Matt enjoys creating unique solutions powered by the intersection of science in creativity found in today’s online marketing platforms.

Performance Marketing

Scaling Programmatic Advertising With Dynamic Ads

Collecting data is easy -- finding smart ways to use it to deliver better, more compelling ads to customers is much more difficult. That's where dynamic ads come in, as columnist Matt Ackley explains.

Performance Marketing

Programmatic Beyond RTB: A Primer

Programmatic ad buying isn't just about real-time bidding. Columnist Matt Ackley takes a look at other, non-real-time-bidding methods that are gaining traction.

Customer & Digital Experience

The Shifting Landscape Of Mobile

If you’ve been keeping your eyes open, the shift to a mobile-first world should come as no surprise. Even beyond the data itself, all you need to do is take a walk outside, step into a Starbucks line, or take a trip on a bus to see how many eyes are glued intently to mobile […]