Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is a serial entrepreneur, trainer and conversion consultant, helping businesses like IBM, Dow Chemical, American Express, Panera Bread, and Wendys improve conversions and strategically grow their businesses. Jeremy’s experience as the CMO and CEO of technology firms has given him a powerful understanding of human behavior and profit-boosting techniques.

Customer & Digital Experience

Everything You Need To Know About The Place Of Pain In Conversion Optimization

Pain, as the New York Times reported, is “the secret of neuromarketing.” And apparently it is a well-kept secret, because there are very few conversion optimizers discussing the place of pain or how to apply it strategically and ethically. I came up with just a couple mentions of it. One article from Search Engine Watch provided […]

Customer & Digital Experience

High-Octane Conversion Tips For Product Images

Images are a great secret weapon for conversion optimization. They have a powerful psychological impact on customers' decision making process. Columnist Jeremy Smith explains how to create the best high-converting images for your products.