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Gabe Donnini is a Data Solutions Engineer at Chitika and a lead author for reports by Chitika Insights, the research arm of the online ad service. After graduating with a B.A. in Business Administration from Ithaca College, Gabe has been pursuing his passion for technology by researching and analyzing new and emerging trends in the online world.

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Desktop OS & CTR: Opportunities Abound Depending On Target Market

Despite the growing impact of mobile devices on the Web browsing ecosystem as a whole, desktop users still generate the lion’s share of North American Internet traffic. This is particularly true during business hours, when desktop Web browsing reaches a prolonged peak. It’s important for marketers to recognize that this sector has remained anything but […]


How Valuable is Local Search? Depends on Where You’re Targeting….

As we move into an age where personal computing is dominated by mobile devices, there has been a push across the advertising industry for hyper-local advertisements. Targeting consumers with ads tailored to their locale increases the relevance of advertising, focusing on markets that pertain to the environment around the user. However, when it comes to […]


Using Holiday Trends To Schedule Ad Campaigns

Every holiday comes with its own traditions and methods of celebration. Whether it be Fourth of July cookouts, Halloween trick-or-treating, Christmas gifts or Valentine’s Day flowers, each has its own set of festivities and a culture around it that strongly influences how people elect to spend it. Given the commercialization surrounding the winter holiday season, […]


iOS Version & CTR: Old Is Gold!

Apple’s iOS 6.1.2 — to correct a bug that reduced battery life and increased network activity for some users — made its way into the hands of consumers on February 19th, 2013. Adoption of iOS 6.1.2 took off, and within a week, it was the most used version of iOS. According to a recent report by […]


As Personal Computing Shifts, So Should Your Marketing Strategy

If 2012 was considered the year of mobile, we may as well go ahead and declare 2013 the year of the tablet. A new study from research firm Canalys shows that one in every three PCs shipped globally was a tablet, with 114.6 million units moving during 2012. Sales were split almost evenly between Apple’s […]


How Marketers Can Optimize For Clicks Based On Time Of Day

As we enter 2013, the growth of online advertising continues at a healthy pace. In October 2012, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released a report showing record-breaking, $17 billion online advertising revenues in the first half of 2012 – a 14% increase over the same period in 2011. With this growth also comes a greater […]


So Long, 2012: Analyzing The Evolving Mobile Landscape

As we prepare for a new year in the online marketing world, it’s interesting to reflect on where 2012 has brought us. The Web experienced another year of fantastic growth. In the US alone, over 240 million consumers now access the Web – a market penetration of 78%. This overall growth is driven by an […]


Size Matters: Can Optimizing For Screen Size & Resolution Increase User Engagement And CTR?

Over the last decade, digital marketing and advertising have transformed significantly due to the rapid advancement of technology and analytical techniques. One aspect of technology which has changed significantly over time, and continues to carry a substantial impact, is the screen resolution of the marketer’s audience. Apple’s new Retina Display and the extensive marketing push […]


The Long Tail Effect: Why Word Count Matters In Search Query Optimization

Many variables play an important role when you’re analyzing search engine optimization efforts. This includes factors such as site keywords and content development, as well as the queries being searched for. It can be tempting for marketers to optimize results for shorter queries and ignore the long tail, but how much traffic is overlooked this […]


Google Results Position: How Much Is First Place Really Worth?

Google page position has long been considered one of the holy grails for site owners, advertisers, or marketers running campaigns to increase the level of exposure for their site. If you’re reading this, you probably know that search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the main methods marketers can utilize in the everlasting quest for […]


What To Do When 87.5% More Queries Are Blocked: Coping With Firefox 14

Mozilla’s latest upgrade to the Firefox web browser, Firefox 14, officially launched on July 17th and brought with it a number of desirable new features. These features, however, can have some not-so-desirable consequences for data analytics. One of the more notable changes (from both the user and the marketer’s perspective) is that Firefox will now […]


How Marketers Can Reach And Capitalize On “Second Screen” Audiences

In less than a decade, mobile computing has emerged onto the technology landscape as a force to be reckoned with. According to Gartner, smartphone shipments reached 472 million units in 2011, propelled by record setting success of the iPhone and Android devices. Market research firm NPD DisplaySearch reported similarly impressive figures for tablet sales in […]


Making Sense Of Key Pinterest Metrics And Analytics Tools

Pinterest, the visual-focused social sharing startup, has taken the online world by storm over the last year. According to the latest referral traffic and active user statistics as reported by Media Bistro, Pinterest has surpassed LinkedIn as the third most-popular social network in the world with a 145% increase in daily users since January 2012. […]


Marketing Tactics For The New iPad: What Analytics Can We Turn To?

Just over two weeks ago, Apple released the new iPad was to U.S. and international markets. Though it sports a new higher-resolution, retina screen, a better camera, and an improved chip-set, there seemed little difference between the new iPad and the second generation model, the iPad 2. And yet, despite the debatably minor technical improvements, […]


Use Data To Find Those Most Likely To Click

As much as some would like to move past it, there’s no denying that one particular metric still rules the world of online marketing — the click-through. Sure, you’re eventually trying to get to the conversion, the ROI, the high-margin purchase. But it all still starts with the click. Because clicks are so central to […]


Marketing Metrics & Monetization Tactics For The Application Age

Why do apps matter? For the first time ever, Apple’s iOS surpassed Mac OS in terms of Web browsing market share, highlighting a shift of consumers focus towards mobile. The arrival of smartphones brought with it the “application age,” a time period in which over the last few years approximately one million of third-party applications have […]


Twitter’s New Ad Platform & Brand Pages Deliver Firepower for Marketers

This has been the year of the social network, marked with the arrival of both major and minor players (Google+, UnThink), and the accelerating growth of existing platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, among others). As the social media landscape has evolved and branched out in different directions, Twitter has been one of the last leading […]

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