Eric Dezendorf

As a Customer Success Manager, Eric Dezendorf helps clients at Abakus understand where their marketing dollars can be attributed down to a specific display ad -- to help them maximize the effect of their marketing dollars. He works with major automotive companies, hotel chains, retailers, and many other enterprise-level businesses. In his free time you can find Eric on the golf course, at a baseball game, or wailing on his trombone, but always in search of the most effective way to corner the market.


How To Make Attribution Data Actionable

With so much data at your fingertips and a seemingly infinite number of things to tweak, where do you start? Columnist Eric Dezendorf shares an example that illustrates two basic principles for focusing your efforts.


Are You Attribution-Ready?

If you want maximize the return from your marketing programs, attribution is a no-brainer. Columnist Eric Dezendorf has some tips on how to become attribution-ready.

Performance Marketing

Getting Started With Email Testing

Sometimes a simple testing plan is the smartest way to grow and retain your email subscribers. Columnist Eric Dezendorf offers tips on subject line testing, date/time testing, and more.