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Dax Hamman is the Chief Strategy Officer at Chango, the solution to programmatic marketing and "big data", and is based in San Francisco and London. You can follow him on Twitter @DaxHamman.

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Performance marketing

Predicting And Creating The Media RFP Of 2016

Without question, digital media planning is evolving continuously. In some ways, this evolution is happening too fast for the media buying world to keep up — in others, too slow to keep pace with the ongoing innovation. Regardless of how you see it, it’s clear that the RFP (Request For Proposal) process and format must change; so […]


6 Common Mistakes Of Acquisition Marketers

New customers are the lifeblood of any business, and often the most expensive area of investment. Brands often build complex processes and campaigns to drive new interest, and measure it to the point of conversion. Yet, despite its importance and the extent of the investment, there are six errors that are repeated time and time again. […]

Performance marketing

One Tech Stack To Rule Them All: Potential Programmatic Pitfalls

Agencies tend to pigeonhole programmatic vendors. Some vendors are used for specific goals such as prospecting, others for specific tactics (site retargeting, etc.), and still others for the third-party data they can provide. There’s a certain logic to the approach. It makes it easier for agencies to keep things simple. Every vendor gets a nice little […]

Performance marketing

New Display Research: State Of The Industry Retargeting Report #4

The fourth edition of the State of The Industry Retargeting Report has just been published and with some surprising results. With the support of Digiday, the survey (conducted by my employer) received responses from 333 agency executives and 117 brand executives; questions covered site retargeting, paid social marketing and mobile marketing. Paid Social (FBX, Twitter Tailored Audiences […]

Performance marketing

Understanding Live Intent Data: Lifting The Veil Over Marketers’ Eyes

In last month’s column, “Real Time” In Display Advertising Doesn’t Really Mean Real Time, we discussed how despite the industry talking about doing “real-time marketing” or “real-time bidding” (RTB); in most cases, they are not actually using real-time techniques to run their campaigns. The media itself might be traded in live auctions, but the data […]


WTF Is Tag Management? Do You Really Know, Or Just Think You Do?

In last month’s column (WTF Is A Cookie, Anyway? Do You Really Know, Or Just Think You Do?), I covered the basics of cookies and touched briefly on the idea of tag management. This month, I am going to dive deeper into those tools and explain why you should consider this as an option for […]

Performance marketing

3 Ways Marketers Can #Win With Twitter’s New Tailored Audiences

Today, Twitter and several platform providers announced the official launch of Tailored Audiences, giving marketers the ability to target individuals using their own first-party data and any third-party data. Until now, Twitter’s advertising solutions were based solely on the data they had about their users. Facebook took a similar step to open their inventory to […]


New Research: The Retargeting Barometer, 3rd Edition

The results have just been released from the 3rd edition of the Retargeting Barometer, the ad industry’s only survey focused on the use of retargeting. Published by Chango, and this time in partnership with Digiday, the study attracted 300 respondents, including brand marketers from a broad set of industries and from media agencies. The full […]

Performance marketing

The Consumer’s View Of A Programmatic World

I have written a lot about what Big Data and Programmatic Marketing really mean (as well as what they do not). As marketers, we spend a lot of our time thinking about how these innovations will impact our world. But what about the person on the street? How will their world change — and is […]

Marketing operations (MOps)

Why There’s More To DMPs Than You Ever Thought!

There’s no question that data management is the new “it” concept. It’s become impossible to go to an industry event without talking about it (or “big data”). And yet, the abbreviation DMP (Data Management Platform) is often tossed around as though all DMPs are the same. In fact, there are at least two distinct types […]

Performance marketing

The Real State Of Programmatic Marketing

Clearly, we have an industry awash with talk about programmatic marketing and big data. But what is real, and what is BS? What practical executions exist today? And what does a future world look like if big data really is everywhere? I am on somewhat of a personal mission to provide a simple way for […]

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