Andy Lombard

Andy Lombard is the co-founder and CEO of SocialWhirled, where he oversees the innovation, growth and direction of the company as it evolves the social, mobile and digital publishing landscape.

Digital Transformation

Disaggregation And The Rise In Collaborative Marketing

A disaggregated marketing strategy can help you target different types of groups, potentially increasing sales. But columnist Andy Lombard believes that in order to fully take advantage of it, we need new collaborative technologies.

Marketing Management

Are We Making Money At Digital Marketing – Or Losing It?

Digital marketing has long been heralded as the promised land for brands everywhere. In fact, Magna Global recently issued a report indicating that digital media spend is expected to increase by $20 billion to $140 billion, or 27 percent of the global market, this year. This isn’t a surprise, given the expectations of incandescent brand […]

Marketing Management

Marketing At The Speed Of Ideas: How To Ensure Your Messaging Keeps Up

Of the many demands on marketers, messaging is considered among the most difficult to deliver. We want our brand’s message to convey the perfect balance of being fresh and creative while striking a chord of inner recognition. Not only do we need to hit this combination repeatedly, but we need to do so quickly if […]

Agile Marketing

The Agile Marketing Revolution

Faster, cheaper, better — this is the mantra of the impossible demand. At least, we’re told it’s impossible to get all three. As marketers, we want to unleash campaigns faster, see better results, and do all of it in a cost-effective way – and we’re always looking for tools and techniques that help us do […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Creativity Unbound: How Current Digital Publishing Spotlights Brands

Think about the last truly bold and memorable campaign you saw. Did it change the way you think about the brand? Do you still remember the product or service being sold? Don’t be surprised if it takes you a minute to answer this question. So many marketing messages pass before our eyes that they often […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Are Your Content Channels Working Together? 8 Steps To Find Out

Look at any brand today and you’ll probably see a steady output of digital content, from videos to websites to microsites to social media campaigns. At this point in the digital age, most companies have gotten the message: content is king and digital, social and mobile are the most popular parts of its kingdom. Yet […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Five Must-Have Mobile Elements To Incorporate Into Your Marketing

Take a look around any party, office or public event and you’ll see someone texting on their smartphone or checking Facebook on their tablet. It’s undeniable that mobile devices have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Adults actually now spend more time on mobile media than they do on newspapers and magazines combined, […]

Marketing Management

What Does Omni-Channel Brand Marketing Look Like?

We live in a world where marketers have more tools and channels than ever. That can be good news when they understand how to use them for one unified brand impact; it can also be bad news, when print, digital and social teams operate in silos. It’s not hard to understand why silos lead to […]

Marketing Management

Digital Audit: What To Keep, What To Discard & What To Change For 2014

It’s never been easy to keep up with business and marketing trends. Conflicting information abounds online, and new digital tools arrive so frequently that many marketers find themselves operating in a tangled web of programs and strategies. Not all of these tools deliver — but knowing what to leave behind in 2013 and what to […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Maximizing Marketing Data: Turning Immediacy Into Impact

Businesses today are infusing their brand presence into every corner of the media and marketing landscapes. As digital channels continue to multiply, customers have spread across all of them, creating the need to converge social media, microsites, display ads and other assets into one seamless brand perception. At first, it might seem like this has […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Why It’s Critical To Connect Your Offline & Online Marketing

All of the buzz about digital marketing has left an old, familiar and still viable marketing medium in the dust: offline programs. The marketing divide between online and offline spheres can be so epic, in fact, that it’s not uncommon inside companies to see separate print, Web and social marketing teams using different strategies and […]

Performance Marketing

The Human Side Of B2B Social Media: Eight Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

As more businesses launch successful social media campaigns, it’s becoming clear that opting out of the social revolution can put companies at a competitive disadvantage. Social media offers the immediacy and interactivity consumers want and anticipate.  It can intensify customer engagement, drive quality leads and produce higher ROI. Consumer brands understand just how essential and […]

Customer & Digital Experience

How to Embrace True Persistent Marketing

For years, it was commonplace for traditional marketing campaigns to require 90-day planning cycles — at a minimum. More recently, digital marketing has brought about an evolution in both speed and agility that has quickly made these lengthy cycles inadequate and unacceptable. Customers are increasingly available on their phones, websites and social media platforms, and […]

Performance Marketing

Ways You Need To Beef Up Your Social CRM Program

Like every good marketer, you probably have an active social media marketing plan aimed at connecting with customers and attracting prospects. No doubt, you’ve collected friends, followers and likes on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. But, if you’re not taking your social customer relationship management (CRM) program past that point, you might not be aware […]