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Anand Thaker


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Anand is an industry leader, builder, and advisor in marketing technology, executive GTM strategies, and related investments. His 18 years of experience span areas of go-to-market strategies, operations, enterprise sales, customer data and experiences, resilience planning, and intelligent systems. Currently, he serves as a confidential special advisor to select performance leaders and growth investors. With over $1B+ in returns, Anand brings a multi-disciplinary background and engages in R&D efforts around identity, motivation, intent, influence, and community decision-making. Anand thrives where people, data, and money intersect, solving complex organizational and customer engagement challenges for executives and investors. He has formulated the right mix of market and customer data, cognitive-enabled solutions, and seasoned judgment for wildly successful leaders. All towards building resilient revenue over time. Anand also has an uncanny knack and reputation for identifying and cultivating rising sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial leaders.

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