[Podcast] Marketing Land Live #40: Who’s using cinemagraphs and how with Flixel’s Robert Lendvai

In this week's show, we take a deep dive into the world of cinemagraphs and discuss how marketers are using them, and why recent Facebook and Instagram changes have been a boon to those who do.

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It’s no secret that visual imagery is a must in 2017 when it comes to digital marketing. And many marketers, both big and small, are using cinemagraphs to catch the attention of prospects and customers on the web, on social networks and elsewhere.

Cinemagraphs made a splash a few years ago and they’re still going strong, according to Robert Lendvai of Flixel.com, our guest on this week’s episode of Marketing Land Live. Lendvai talks about how marketers are using cinemagraphs in 2017, why they’re growing in popularity and why recent platform changes from the likes of Facebook and Instagram have benefitted marketers that use cinemagraphs.

This week’s show runs just under 30 minutes. You can listen to the show below, and be sure to scroll down for this week’s Show Notes, with links for more information.

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Show Notes

What’s happening with the cinemagraph?

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