Tim Mayer

Tim Mayer is President of Heddle Marketing, working with companies, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, on e-commerce site builds and multi-channel marketing plans and campaigns. He has served in executive positions at Yahoo, ShopAtHome, Trueffect, Trada as well as search pioneers Inktomi, Fast Search & Transfer and Overture.

Performance Marketing

Brand queries: the AdWords performance illusion

If your AdWords optimization efforts are focused toward terms and ads you credit with last-click conversions, you're not alone. But columnist Tim Mayer contends you're being shortsighted.


3 Ways To Change Your Thinking About Display Ads & Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We have all seen it: marketers deeply loyal to “last click attribution” and the comfort zone it brings along with it. With a last-click mindset, they have focused on maximizing their search marketing volume via Paid Search and SEO until the query supply is maxed out. These marketers also use remarketing (another comfort zone), with […]