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Shelley Ellis is the VP of Media at Advice Interactive Group where she develops plans that strive to achieve the most effective spend plans possible to meet client's digital marketing and targeting goals.

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Performance marketing

Topic Targeting Teamwork

There is power in teamwork, but it also takes the right combination to make a great team. In the Google Display Network, combining strategies can help you increase traffic while refining your audience. The wrong mixture of strategies can mean too much or too little traffic, or you could end up with a too-broad audience […]

Performance marketing

Is It Time For A Remarketing Review?

Many of you have taken the first steps toward setting up Google Display Network (GDN) remarketing campaigns. It may be time to review and refine those strategies. This exercise should give you clarification about your remarketing objectives, show you where you may be overlapping audiences across campaigns and show you where you may be missing […]

Performance marketing

Local Marketing Meets Display Advertising

Most of my local clients over the years have had one thing in common – shoestring marketing budgets. With so little money set aside specifically for marketing, there was usually much deliberation over where they should invest those marketing dollars to increase their local discovery. As a local business, you may recognize some of the […]


Google Analytics Features For Google Display Campaigns

If you haven’t married your AdWords account with your Analytics account, now is a good time to take that step forward. Otherwise, you are missing out on data that you can only get with true integration. Google is constantly upgrading Analytics and adding new features for AdWords. Some of most recent upgrades include a new […]

Performance marketing

Don’t Fall Victim To GDN Placement “Exclusion” Overkill

The foundation for every Google Display Network (GDN) strategy is placements. It doesn’t matter what campaign settings you use or how you set your campaigns up (keywords, topics, interest targeting, remarketing, managed placements), you will still optimize and base your success on the relevancy and performance of the placements where Google showed your ads. I […]

Performance marketing

Interactive Advertising: Way Beyond Shooting Ducks

Flash back to the 90s to a time when interactive Flash ads were fairly fresh. Do you remember those “shoot the duck” leaderboard banner ads that, for a time, converted no matter what the message?  Not only did those Flash banners integrate movement but they gave you the ability to interact when you put your […]

Customer experience

AdWords Video For “All” — Getting Started

The biggest change/evolution on the display front in the last couple of months was the announcement from Baljeet Singh, group product manager on video monetization at Google in the US, that AdWords for Video is now “available to all.” “Get out of my (beta) dreams and into my car(t)…”  — all With a nod to […]

Performance marketing

Would Retargeting Look Good With My Current Marketing?

Odds are you probably have one really good pair of shoes that will work with almost anything in your wardrobe. Just like that versatile pair of shoes, retargeting is one type of marketing that pairs well with most other forms. Certain types of marketing just work well together. For example, a number of case studies, including […]

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