Sarah Beeskow

Sarah Beeskow is the Sr. Manager of Merchant Development for’s Client Services Department. She is responsible for providing strategic guidance and educational resources to Merchant partners that can be used to optimize and grow their affiliate program.

Customer & Digital Experience

Program Growth Through Publisher Knowledge

If you are currently managing an affiliate program, I’m sure you know who your Publishers are. Perhaps you could even tell me the number of Publishers that have applied, been approved, and been declined over the life of your program. But do you truly know who your Publishers are? Two questions I think are important […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Size Up The Competition With A Matrix

If you are considering setting up an affiliate program or if you are relatively new to affiliate marketing, there are a few things you need to put into place before launching your program. One critical step is to do some due diligence researching and preparing before you jump in. One important piece of your research […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Great Expectations

One of the biggest benefits of the affiliate marketing channel is that it is all performance-based. This is very attractive because there is very little risk — payout costs are directly correlated to results. But just because it isn’t risky doesn’t mean it is easy money. As at the gym, you get out of it […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Drawing Out Your Affiliate Program Marketing Plan

One of the best things an affiliate manager can do for their affiliate program is to maintain consistent and regular communication with their Publishers. Affiliate managers often say to me, “I don’t have enough to say to put out a monthly newsletter.” But you do! Advertisers have much more to talk about than they sometimes realize. […]