Matt Jessell

Matt Jessell serves as the Director of Sales Strategy & Operations at Fullscreen, the leading YouTube network for creators and brands, where he leads strategy and operations across sales, marketing, account management, and ad products.


Why Marketers Are Now In The Entertainment Business

In digital entertainment industries like music, film, book publishing and TV, fewer and fewer hits are increasingly responsible for the vast majority of revenue. And this growing trend of a concentration of hits at the head of the long tail is only increasing year over year. According to Eric Schmidt of Google, “While the tail is […]


The Audience Is The Article: A Changing Balance Of Power In Publishing

Marketers are now in the business of making media. By definition, they create a media product and publish or broadcast it out to attract and engage an audience. The medium they choose to publish in defines their message. But, there’s a shift of power happening with that one-to-many broadcast model — one in which the […]


Publish With Passion: Let Your Content Find An Audience

There’s a great expression sometimes used in business: “A camel is a horse designed by committee.” I don’t have anything against camels, of course, but I do agree with the underlying sentiment: well-intentioned content and advertising campaigns can go awry when the companies executing them have lost sight of their original purpose. A recent interview […]


The Keys To Quality Content Are Information Density & Utility

We can safely say that Content Marketing is here to stay. According to the latest research from the Custom Content Council, more marketers are moving their budgets to the creation, management and distribution of content than ever before. This year, spending on custom content was up to $44B, saw 9.2% YOY growth, and now commands […]


Remix Culture: Rethinking What We Call Original Content

Star Wars, “Stairway to Heaven,” and the Apple Macintosh — what do they have in common?  They’re creative and cultural works of genius that have shaped and defined generations. We might also think that they’re original works born of a lightning-in-a-bottle, “aha!” moment of creation by the lone inventor.  In fact, each one of these […]