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Mani Karthik is Inbound Marketing Manager at SuperMoney -- a service that super powers you with comprehensive personal finance information, powerful tools and financial expertise from a community of experts. Passionate about anything search engines and social media, he blogs at on trends in search and also on

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Customer experience

10 Tips For Integrating Content Marketing Into Your Business

“Content marketing” has recently gained a lot of attention in the online marketing world. But it’s not just a buzzword — it’s one of the most reliable and effective tactics available to digital marketers. Brands are increasingly recognizing content marketing as a valuable tool for increasing awareness and driving demand — and they are investing […]

Performance marketing

4 Things About Social Media I Learned The Hard Way

Over the last five years of social media experience, I’ve made many mistakes. Most of them could have been avoided, but I learned quite a lot from them. Like they say, there are no mistakes — just experiences. It’s all about designing your network. It might sound weird because on social media, it’s pretty much […]

Performance marketing

5 Ways To Ruin Your Social Media Portfolio

When someone called me a social media Rock Star back in 2008, I was thrilled. My first thought? “Boy, that was easy!” Yes, it was truly easy, which is what I’ve realized after all these years on social media. The thing with social media is that we marketing folks often see it as a game […]

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