Leah Goodman

Leah Goodman works at Hunter & Bard, where she is the Content & Community Manager for AppsGeyser.com. She has been working in SEO, content, and social media since 2004.


Making An App: Go Lean And Mean

App-making is a good capacity to develop in your business, since the app market is in a big boom right now, and there are still plenty of gaps left for new app-makers to fill. While there isn’t a lot of movement in the top ten apps overall in the main app stores (iTunes and Google […]


Ten (Or So) Services To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

One of the most common problems I encounter in the course of my work is the issue of optimizing for mobile. If app-makers don’t optimize their site for mobile before using our service, the apps don’t look professional, the spacing is wrong, the sizing is wrong, and the apps get poor rankings in Google Play. […]


The Value Of Google Analytics For Mobile

In the marketing game, numbers are crucial. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. There’s a reason why MarketingLand has a whole area designated for analytics. If you’re a website owner or marketer, chances are you spend a lot of time looking at Google Analytics for your website. Do you give your mobile site […]


Expand Your App’s Reach By Teaching It A New Language

With a population of over 300 million people, and over 100 million smartphones sold, it’s easy to see why the United States is the first target for most software developers — app developers included. More than half of the smartphones sold in the United States are Android phones. That number has been steadily rising since […]


ASO (App Store Optimization) And Creating A Family Of Apps

If you’ve ever created an Android app and put it into Android Market Google Play, you probably noticed that search alone will not make an app popular or profitable. There are a number of ways to popularize an app. Here are six of the most popular: Press releases Social Media Blogging SEO Advertising in ad […]


8 Great Ways To Use QR Codes For Marketing

QR (Quick Response) codes are an awesome mobile marketing tool, and are now popping up literally everywhere. Some of the methods of using QR codes today make great sense, like on a business card, so people can scan your info instead of having to type it all in. And then the placement of some QR […]


Create A Mobile App And Increase Your Visibility

We’re all well aware that mobile is the future. 35% of American adults own smartphones, and that number is constantly on the rise. Equally important is the fact that app use has outstripped mobile browsing on mobile platforms by a margin of 81 minutes a day to 74 minutes a day on the web. It […]