Kim Cohen

Kim Cohen joined Hunter & Bard in September 2012 and is the Community Manager for AppsGeyser. Ms. Cohen brings with her over 8 years of training and business development experience.

Customer & Digital Experience

The 5 Most Common Pitfalls In Mobile App Marketing

Modern audiences are becoming more and more mobile; they are constantly switched-on and are ready to compare data and make consumer decisions at the drop of a hat. At the same time, mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular and have already been proven to increase revenues for companies that have taken the plunge into the […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Building Marketing Into Your Mobile Products

Starting a new business venture can be a daunting experience, especially when introducing mobile products. You not only have to deal with all the business logistics and financial burdens of your new business; but, you also have the worries that you might not attract an audience. Marketing your product is a vital link to your […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Follow The Roadmap To App Success

Dorothy isn’t the only one who had to follow the Yellow Brick road to find her way home; we all need to follow a path to find our way to success, and the app market is no different. The app market for both iOS and Android is beginning to become overcrowded. Apple first opened its […]

Customer & Digital Experience

How To Use Push Notifications Without Being Pushy

Marketing within the mobile world is still evolving around us. With new technology and a wider audience now participating in this market, marketers are understandably focused on how best to communicate effectively with this audience. The New Messaging Mandate published in January 2012 by Forrester described the importance of turning email into a “multichannel conversation that […]

Customer & Digital Experience

One Word For App Marketing Success – Keywords

Website developers are aware of the importance of keywords and the significance of getting the right keywords integrated into their content to produce better organic search results. The fact is, keywords are not only relevant to websites, they are important for app success, too. If you are creating a mobile app, it is vital that you […]

Customer & Digital Experience

A Simple Guide To Mobile App Marketing

Is there an idea bubbling in the back of your head for an app that just has to be created? But, then, perhaps you’re thinking, “why create an app just to enter a marketplace already crammed with over a million apps? Is it even possible to get your app noticed any more?” The above image […]