Danny Kourianos

Danny Kourianos

Danny Kourianos is VP of Product Development at mediaFORGE where he is passionate about building innovative client-facing ad products. He brings over 10 years of online experience to the mediaFORGE team. When not thinking of ways to innovate on mediaFORGE’s diverse product suite, Danny likes to cook and spend time making his wife and two sons laugh.

Performance marketing

How Dynamic Are You?

A lot of companies say they offer dynamic creative. It’s a loosely defined phrase, so it can be hard to know exactly what to expect from a company that offers it. Before choosing a dynamic ad provider, my advice is to consider two sets of criteria so you know you’re getting a truly dynamic solution: […]

Customer experience

Marrying Performance With Brand –The Future Of Dynamic Display

Historically, interactive display advertising has served the singular purpose of supporting direct-response initiatives. This is largely because direct response means there’s a very tangible action to track and measure — making a purchase, filling out a lead-gen form, becoming a member, etc. Brand advertising, however, involves ambiguous milestones that can be difficult to track and […]

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