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Chris Winfield is the Co-Founder and CMO of BlueGlass Interactive, an Internet marketing agency specializing in data-driven content marketing strategies.

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How To Brainstorm With Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing; so, why should brainstorming be any different? An effective content marketing strategy requires creativity. You have to be able to “cut through the clutter” and stand apart from everything else on the Internet demanding attention. Ideas for how to best capture your audience’s attention aren’t always going to come […]

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The ABE Approach To Content Marketing

Twenty years ago, Alec Baldwin delivered one of the most powerful scenes in movie history when he told Jack Lemmon to “Put… that coffee… down!” and went on to explain why coffee was only for closers (and a whole lot more). If you haven’t seen Glengarry Glenn Ross, Alec Baldwin’s scene (which was written especially […]

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4 Keys To A Killer Seasonal Content Strategy

“Create evergreen content.” We have all heard this sentiment so many times, and we’ve probably read those exact words even more often. Create content that never goes out of date. Content that’s fresh, useful and compelling all year round. But guess what? This column isn’t about evergreen content. Like the song says, to everything there […]

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11 Content Marketing Knows

It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon. People have a tendency to want to be included. As marketers, we want to stay at the forefront with knowledge of the latest tactics and trends. These desires are strong, and can lead to rash decisions. In trying to not get left behind, you just jump in and […]

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How To Weave Content Marketing Into Your Company’s DNA

Content drives your business. All great businesses constantly create valuable content, whether they know it or not. It’s through the content you create that your voice is most often heard. Content is what you use to sell to your customers, to differentiate your brand, and to help guide and educate employees. In the online world, your content […]

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Why Your CEO Doesn’t Care About Content Marketing

It’s not her, it’s you… Your CEO didn’t get to that position by being clueless about increasing revenue and attracting customers (well, in most cases, but that’s another story…). If your CEO doesn’t care about content marketing, it’s highly likely it hasn’t been communicated in a way that makes them care. Resistance from the top […]

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