Chi-Chao Chang

Chi-Chao Chang oversees all facets of xAd’s product management and technology development, including overall strategy, identification of new customer segments and advancement of a vibrant local-mobile marketplace. Before joining xAd, Chi-Chao was at the helm of Yahoo!’s global-search operations and the company’s ongoing relationship with Microsoft. Chi-Chao’s passion for technology has garnered five patents, and over 15 more filed applications, as well as more than 25 published technical articles. He earned his doctorate in computer science from Cornell University, and speaks regularly at various industry events.

Customer & Digital Experience

How Advertisers Can Combat Mobile Fragmentation

Fragmentation has been a hot-button issue in tech circles for a while. As newer Android and iOS versions are released, they leave behind a trail of users with older operating systems who cannot or do not upgrade for various reasons. The problem of fragmentation is most prevalent with Android because each device manufacturer and/or carrier […]

Customer & Digital Experience

5 Reasons Why National Brands Should Be Using Local Targeting In Mobile

Gone are the days of broad, fingers-crossed advertising. Advances in mobile location targeting technology now allow large national brands to reach their audience at a local level without the sweat once involved. Finally, the promise of location targeting is a reality…. so why aren’t more national brands using it? Here are five reasons why local […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Is Your Mobile Visibility Nonexistent?

Your business website is beautiful, full of interesting content, images, and cool functionality. You’re feeling good — until you try to view it on your smartphone or tablet. If your website has not been optimized for an audience on-the-go with a smaller screen, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to drive physical traffic […]