Antony Chen

Antony Chen is a product lead for optimization solutions at Yahoo!, which includes Smart Ads, Yahoo!'s market-leading solution for data-driven dynamic creative. Prior to Yahoo!, he spent 13 years in IT consulting focusing on program management, requirements gathering, and software development lifecycle methodologies.

Performance Marketing

Why Display’s Moneyball Event Hasn’t Happened…Yet

I recently went onto Quora to notice someone had asked the question that is the bane of my existence: “What are the barriers to widespread adoption of dynamic display ad platforms and formats?” Folks provided great answers and I’ve hinted to a few solutions in my previous columns, but it’s important to really attack those […]

Performance Marketing

My Hope For 2012: Taking Data And Creative Seriously

I went on the attack against the incorrect use of data in my previous column. Early in my career, a mentor taught me that when you tell people about problems, you should also suggest a potential solution. Oherwise, you’re just a complainer. That’s great advice, so let’s talk about how we could potentially fix these […]

Performance Marketing

A Look Back At 2011: We’re Wrong About Data

As we toast the New Year, we shouldn’t pat ourselves on the back when it comes to making smart marketing decisions based on data in the display marketplace. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that much of the industry has focused on unsustainable business models, some risking their brands for short-term payoffs. On […]