Reddit testing new tools to help brands boost engagement

Businesses that sign up for the Reddit Pro trial will have access to AI-powered insights, enhanced performance analytics and more.

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Reddit is piloting a free suite of tools to help businesses improve engagement with consumers.

The new feature, Reddit Pro, provides tools and insights to guide businesses on where, when and how to effectively participate on the platform — whether alongside their Reddit ads or by itself for more natural interaction.

New tools and insights. Reddit Pro is a user-friendly interface that houses a range of tools for boosting engagement, such as:

  • AI-powered insights: Businesses can leverage these insights – such as trending topics – to join or start conversations, connect with new and existing audiences and inform the way they interact with the platform.
  • Performance analytics: These insights allow businesses to analyze how well their regular posts are doing, shape their strategy and increase engagement.
  • Publishing tools: This assists businesses in creating and scheduling profile posts, offering simple steps to start contributing to Reddit communities.
  • Pro dashboard: Businesses can utilize this to monitor their overall organic engagement and track monthly progress in comparison to account activity.

Paid ads. Reddit Pro users can also boost their organic profile posts by turning them into paid ads on Reddit with a simple click of the “promote” button using Reddit Pro, without leaving


Why we care. Reddit Pro tools can help businesses have real and meaningful conversations with consumers, moving beyond just posting content. This approach aims to make marketing more effective and could lead to increased conversions.

Accessibility. If your business wants to try Reddit Pro, you can get access on a first-come, first-serve basis by contacting Reddit directly.

Right now, Reddit Pro is still in the testing phase with more features expected to be added later this year.

Uptake. So far, over 200 businesses, including well-known names such as Taco Bell, the NFL and The Wall Street Journal, have integrated Reddit Pro into their digital strategies.

Results. During the initial alpha testing phase with approximately 20 businesses, Reddit reported its Pro partners, on average, generated 11 additional posts and comments per month, experiencing a 35% increase in monthly upvotes for their organic content.


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