Finally! Brands Can Edit Their Knowledge Graph Cards In Google

A lon-awaited change to Google's Knowledge Graph data will put some power back in the hands of the brands.

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The day is finally upon us. A new update to Google’s Knowledge Graph will give users and brands (some) control of the rich information displayed alongside the search results.

Google’s Knowledge Graph is rich data on a query that is typically displayed to the right of the search results and acts to provide succinct information on a brand. Well, “official representatives” will now have the ability to make changes and updates as they (and Google) see fit.

The change is neither immediate nor unregulated, but this is major progress for helping users and companies display accurate information.


This is a big deal for brands and companies who are looking to easily control the information around their results. Not only are these changes now possible, but even a quick update (such as a phone number change, CEO change or location change) to the official brand information would be a breeze.

This is the first time that Google has opened up Knowledge Graph data to be improved upon by owners themselves. Of course, there are some fail-safes that include a review of the accuracy of all content submitted. 

How To Make Changes To The Knowledge Graph

Before any changes are made, however, users need to be logged into their Google account and need to become an official representative. To become an official representative, there are a few steps you can take. Make sure:

  • The URL in the Knowledge Card matches the official website, YouTube channel or Google+ page.
  • That you have the website attached to your search console account.
  • That you are signed into your Google account that is tied to the website.
  • That you have Web & App Activity is turned on.

Once you’ve confirmed that you are in fact an owner, just click on “Is this info up-to-date?” next to the Knowledge Graph information that only you can see and the option to “Suggest A Change”:


Once you click on the Suggest A Change link, you’ll be able to edit the information in a WYSIWYG format:Edit-Knowledge

Once the change has been made, Google will review the content for accuracy. According to a Google help article, an email will be sent to the user once submitted and:

We review a requested change for accuracy by checking whether it’s confirmed by other publicly available information on the web.

For more information, see the official Google Help Page on this topic.

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