Clarity, intrigue, relevance, brevity, connection. These elements keep customers and marketers at the edge of their seats and engaged. Today, contributor Vladyslav Podoliako shows us how to combine all these ingredients to whip up a killer CTA.

Also, today, managing editor Constantine von Hoffman offers a clear-eyed overview of how DEI efforts are on the wane and why this isn’t just bad but bad for business. Changes in the practices and culture of the marketing profession are what make our annual Salary and Career survey so crucial to our coverage. If you have a few free minutes, would you consider taking our brief survey? We’ll be sharing the results in the coming weeks. 

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Email marketing

How to craft killer CTAs that convert B2B prospects


Learn the fundamentals of what to do to create compelling B2B calls to action for successful email outreach.

Diversity and inclusion in marketing

The war on DEI is hitting marketing and hurting business


Years and years of research have found that diverse companies perform better. So why are companies gutting their DEI initiatives?

Email marketing

How to survive (and learn from) email marketing mistakes


Learn how to deal with mistakes, analyze what went wrong and move forward from errors while maintaining a candid, accountable team culture.

Marketing artificial intelligence (AI)

Relationship marketer’s guide to generative AI


Get AI prompt writing tips to help you fully utilize the potential of GenAI and learn six ways to use it for relationship marketing to get more value out of your campaign efforts.

B2B marketing

B2B content marketing: Driving success through strategic content creation


B2B content marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to engage, educate, and convert their target audience.


Content marketing

How to create case studies that sway B2B decision-makers


Here's how to craft compelling B2B case studies that resonate with decision-makers, blending narrative and data for maximum impact.

Customer experience

Convert more leads into happy customers


Most leads go cold if they aren’t contacted quickly enough. Learn how to drive faster lead response to capitalize on prospects’ peak interest and start converting more into happy customers.

Email marketing

The email marketer’s guide to effective marketing automation


Learn smart ways to implement email automation. Use transactional, trigger and journey emails for higher engagement and conversions.

Free online event for marketers

Cutting-edge martech solutions are a click away


Join Microsoft, Salesforce, Tealium, and other leading companies at the MarTech Conference, online March 19-20, for FREE. Together, you’ll discover technologies, solutions, and strategies that can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences in the age of AI No registration fee, no travel, no time out of the office.

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