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Looking at today’s newsletter made me reflect on the balance we try to strike between two offerings. We try to give you the latest news from the martech space and anyone involved in marketing or advertising through the AWS ecosystem should be interested in the expansion to the partner competency program.

We also lean on our experts to offer actionable advice on challenges that confront marketers all the time. How to best use generative AI at this stage of development, for example, or how to make customer acquisition more efficient.

Two different emphases but a joint mission. To explain martech as it evolves.

Kim Davis,
Editor at large


Marketing artificial intelligence (AI)

6 ways to use generative AI for your marketing


Learn capabilities, use cases and ethical considerations as you integrate generative AI into your marketing strategy.

Marketing management

How to optimize sales and marketing processes for efficient customer acquisition


Learn new tactics to drive efficiency in your customer acquisition efforts and boost sales and marketing performance.

Marketing technology

AWS expands its martech competency program


AWS is accrediting software and consultancy partners with a wide range of martech and adtech capabilities.

Marketing technology

Win the customer experience race with the right martech solutions


How and when you invest in partnerships will move you from second place to center stage.

MarTech webinar

Tomorrow! Upgrade Your 2024 B2B-Marketing Game With This Powerful Ad Channel


Connected TV already provides measurable results to B2B marketers, and upcoming 2024 enhancements like advanced audience matching and dynamic optimization will make this ad channel even more powerful for your business.

Marketing technology

The latest jobs in martech


On the hunt for something new? Check out who's hiring in martech this week.


MarTech salary and career

How did a tumultuous year impact marketers? Take the MarTech Salary and Career Survey


Spend a few minutes to help us all understand what the past year meant for marketers and their careers.

Generative AI

The 2023 Content Marketing Report: See how AI is transforming the game


This report from Workpress VIP provides insights into how leading brands are leveraging martech and AI to achieve business impact through content.

Marketing artificial intelligence (AI)

The rise of generative AI:  A marketer’s guide to textual and visual AI content


The first in a series of articles looking at how text and visual genAI tools will become a critical part of the marketer's tool-kit.

Free chatbot

Say hello to MarTechBot


Experience the first generative AI chatbot for marketing professionals. Explore, experiment, and learn more about marketing technology.

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