Good morning, Marketers, and customers need to trust you. 

Customers want to engage with marketing they can trust and with brands they can trust. Trust triggers include everything from sharing your customers’ values to looking after their data. When customers trust a brand and trust its messages they will share data: first-party data that allows brands to identify and re-identify them; and zero-party data that tells brands something more about them.

As for values, nobody needs to patronize a brand that stands for something they don’t like (or that fails to stand for anything). The competition is a click away.

None of this, I’m sure, is new to our readers, but we’re highlighting it in today’s newsletter with a deep dive into marketing compliance and articles focused on the importance of consumer privacy.

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director


3 email marketing shifts to make in 2023

Consider making these three major directional changes that could help your email program succeed this year.

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Why we care about compliance in marketing

Complying with marketing regulations is paramount, as consumers — and governments — have become more privacy-conscious.

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How to increase email response rates and reduce unsubscribe rates in 2023

Learn how to predict the type of content that will engage individuals under different conditions and automatically create an appealing message for each one.

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MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table: Manage deliverability and optimization like a scientist

This new resource gives marketers insights into the building blocks for good campaigns.

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Why marketers should care about consumer privacy

From GDPR, CPPA and ADPPA, here’s all the information marketers should know.

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What is customer journey orchestration and how does it work?

Great customer experiences are easier to imagine than to actually understand and deliver. That’s why customer journey orchestration (CJO) software is finding a spot in businesses’ technology stacks.

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Federal data privacy bill could make life easier for marketers

It would override state privacy laws and set tough standards for gathering and using personal data.

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