Good morning, Marketers, close your eyes, take a deep breath. You got this.

Today we have the new installment in our guide to Google Analytics 4. It’s about the framework you need to get the most from what were called goals in Universal Analytics, but which GA4 calls conversions. “Because,” as expert Colleen Harris says, “of course Google needs to rename freaking everything because we’re not having enough struggles as it is.” 

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Constantine von Hoffman,
Managing Editor

Setting up goals: Getting started with Google Analytics 4

Universal Analytics' goals are called conversions in GA4. Here's how to organize them.

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Walmart Connect goes international and adds self-service

A new feature makes it easier for newer and smaller brands to move higher in search results.

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An incredibly brief guide to shifting marketing offshore: Part 2

How to decide which marketing tasks can be offshored and which can't.

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Webinar: Which CPD is right for you? A Customer Data Management Checklist

What’s best for you? A CDP out-of-the-box? Building a customer data solution yourself? There’s merit in both options, and this webinar is here to help you narrow down what’s best for your business.

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Facebook agrees to revamp adtech over discrimination charges

Second time company has settled a federal lawsuit about advertising bias.

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Don’t conflate CDP and CRM

David Raab of the CDP Institute says CDP and CRM should not be confused.

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The Ultimate Guide to Calculating Marketing Campaign ROI

Marketing attribution is key to determining how various channels, messages, and offers impact customers’ decisions.

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Is your digital strategy optimized for Gen Z young adults?

They're more diverse and they expect a lot more from brands.

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