Good morning, Marketers, and do you ever stop to think about security?

I do, not least because my first role in tech journalism was as a security editor. That was some years ago, and I hardly knew a Denial of Service attack from a Botnet (I read some books). Seeing the development by Google, Salesforce and others of a Minimum Viable Secure Product standard made me think how much has changed in the meantime.

Back in the days when “the cloud” seemed something altogether new and mystical one of the main topics of discussion was security. Was it safe to put data in the cloud? What if the cloud was hacked? What if it started leaking like a real cloud? In very short order it became clear that legitimate cloud vendors probably had a better handle on security than a small IT team.

These days, what isn’t in the cloud? How many cloud applications have you used today? Have you shared data with them? And without a second thought, right? It makes me reflect that if there’s anything that changes faster than software, it’s people and their attitudes.

Kim Davis
Editorial Director


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