Good morning, Marketers, you can’t have your chicken and cross the road too.

Twice a year I visit the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Every time, the dental hygienist asks me questions like, “How was the trip?” or “Did you get that job?” Until my last visit a couple of days ago, I was always amazed she remembered things we’d discussed six months ago. That’s when I realized she was almost certainly using notes she made after my last appointment. (I’m not always the sharpest needle in the haystack.)

This, to me, is a perfect example of CRM. My experience was personalized. The customer relationship was managed perfectly. Now, I want my own personal CRM. Something to help me with all the stuff I forget about people: Like their name, the name(s) of their significant other and/or children, birthdays, etc. The tough part is it must be able to provide this in real time as I encounter people.

Can someone do this? Anyone? Bueller? 

Constantine von Hoffman,
Managing Editor


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